zaterdag 5 februari 2011

Testing 1,2,3 testing

My name is Anneloes Steentjes and I’m currently a pre-master corporate communication student at Tilburg Universtity. You can check my CV by clicking on this link:
Via this blog, I will try to provide an insight on my learning experience. Also I will try (no: succeed!) to provide you with interesting information about (corporate) communication.

What could you find on this blog?This blog will be designed especially for pre-master (corporate) communication students. But also be interesting for other visitors who want to know something (more) about communication in general! So keep returning weekly or so, for new blogs!!

Off course I would like to have lots of visitors to my blog! Followers are even more welcome ;-)
Because of this, I'm now posting these search keywords here, which relate (or will later on relate) to the subjects discussed/posted in my blog(s).

Keywords; Business, information, technology, university, Tilburg, UvT, communication, Master, Corporate communication, studies, pre-master , students, faculty of humanities, online writing, blogging,

Nederlandse sleutelwoorden; Universiteit Tilburg, bedrijfscommunicatie studenten, pre-master, Master, communicatie, geestes faculteit, bloggen, online schrijven

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  1. Hoi Anneloes,

    Ook ik ben nu een volger van je blog.
    Heel veel succes!